About Us

The Roast’d Difference

At Roast’d we are passionate about our coffee and want to share that with our customers. We hand-select our beans from different regions of the world and roast them in-house in small batches to bring out their best flavors.  We brew our freshly roasted coffees in pour-over style, grinding the beans right before pouring hot water over the grinds to extract a fresh cup of coffee made to order.

Our mission is to make the freshest most flavorful cup of coffee you’ll taste!

The world of coffee is huge, and our goal is to expose coffee drinkers to various coffee growing regions in the world. The variety and flavor profiles are vastly different from various regions.  How coffee is grown, harvested, picked, washed, and dried is different across various regions creating a multitude of complex and enjoyable flavors.  Our Founder, Prabhat “Pat” is our local expert. He researches select regions from all over the world, connects with both farmers directly and wholesalers and personally tastes every batch before purchasing.  He is constantly sourcing new beans, organic and fair trade and always in search of a special reserve that can be shared as a limited time offering. Our reserves are typically from small farmers who grow limited quantities and provide intricate care throughout their entire process.