Fresh Roasted Beans

Fresh Roasted Beans

We offer a wide range of coffees roasted from dark to light to suit your palate or mood. Each coffee is roasted to bring out the flavors of its origin, therefore all our coffees are single origin and not blends. Our offerings are rotated regularly as the availability of the beans changes with seasons.

Become a coffee aficionado! Get our fresh roasted beans to brew at home or office. These single origin coffee selection change from time to time as we are always “tasting” for interesting flavor profiles from all over the world. Our current selection:

Dark Roasts: Bumoco (Burundi)

Medium/Dark Roasts: Minas (Brazil), Swiss Water Decaf (Brazil)

Medium Roasts: P’NG (Papua New Guinea), Sidamo (Ethiopia), Huila (Colombia)

Light Roasts: Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)


January 25, 2017